Top 10 Scholarships For Single Mothers

Top 10 Scholarships For Single Mothers

Single Moms have a difficult situation to deal with as they have a child and at the same time have to work and make a living. In addition to feeding and clothing their child on their own they also have to pay for school fees, which can be demanding, not to mention any sudden medical expense that an arise due to illness.

However, despite the challenges there are many single moms who apply for college education and struggle to pay the fees. There is hope in the form of scholarships which are offered in various ways for expenses to come down. Here is a look at top ten scholarships for single moms that can help them into gaining that education that they so desperately need and gaining a better job that can change their life and those of their children:

Top 10 Scholarships For Single Mothers

Top 10 Scholarships For Single Mothers

1.      An important scholarship for single mothers is the Bernice Murray Scholarship, named after the U.S senator James Jeffords. Amount given is $2000 and the eligibility is that the applicant must be a single mother, with one child who is below or just 12 years old. When submitting the application for this scholarship for widow, child care information should be provided, along with a recommendation from someone you know about your life, as well as 250 words convincing written content on what you want to study, why, how your situation is unique and your need for financial help.

2. The LouEllen Dabbs Scholarship is for those who want a career in the finance industry. When submitting application for this, it is important to also give one reference letter, a personal essay and a copy of the most recently filed tax return. The applicant must show proof of financial need, sound academic achievement and have a GPA that is 2.35 or higher.

3.      The BYU Marriot Single Parent scholarship is the perfect fund for single mothers who have been accepted into the Marriott School at BYU and have a very good academic record and so custody of your dependent children. This scholarship is not available for spring or summer terms and the application submitted must be completed fully with all required information. It is also vital for the applicant to be already admitted into the program and must have paid graduation tuition.

4.      The Bethel Foundation Grace Scholarship Fund is another very interesting scholarship available for single moms. Amount given is $1500 to full time students for each semester. In order to apply for it, the applicant must be head of the family and have sole custody of at least one child, eligible for receiving a Pell Grant, be a U.S citizen, not enrolled into an undergraduate program and want to take up a career-orient study course.

5.      You will also find the Ford Opportunity program to be something that’s perfect for single moms as it pays out a large part of their education expense. The applicant must have at least one child who is below 18 years, have completed high school, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and have at least one year remaining in an associate or bachelor’s program.

6.      The EFWA scholarship is yet another very attractive single mom scholarship fund which offers an amount of $100 to $16000 to outstanding applicants per year. The applicant must show that she is in dire need of the funding for education because she is the head of the family and sole source of income. Furthered, it is vital to show interest for pursuing a career-oriented program and must show skills in business, accounting based on current job or study course.

7.      Check out the The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation which offers an amazing scholarship for single moms and scholarships for married mothers every year. Amount awarded to qualified applicants is $5000. The applicant must be 17 years and above, with minor children and enrolled into a career-oriented certificate course, bachelor’s degree or associate degree. Proof should be given of being the sole provider of the family.

8. The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Single Mother Scholarship is an amazing scholarship, which offers money to single mom looking for a means of change their lives into better ones. The applicant should be someone who can show care toward children and also how motherhood has prepared them to face challenges of being a parent and how to be a good at bring up their child. Money awarded to the candidate is $5000.

9. Check out the amazing Live Your Dream Awards Program, which is offers regional ward ranging from $3000 to $5000 and up to $10000 in international awards. The applicant must be someone who can show that she has overcome difficulties such as drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, poverty etc and must also live inside the Soroptimist International member territory.

10. The Executive Women International Scholarship offered in the form of Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Scholarship (ASIST) is yet another one that offers immense assistance to women seeking to improve their circumstance through an education course that can get them better career prospects. Amount offered is between $2,000 and $10,000 for people facing physical, economic and social challenges.

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I Need Financial Help Immediately

Sources Of Immediate Financial Aid In The USA To Help With An Urgent Financial Obligation

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation, wherein you need money quickly. This can be due to a sudden financial obligation, an emergency in the family or simply because you want to buy something that you have been wanting for quite some time.

I Need Financial Help Immediately

I Need Financial Help Immediately

Sources Of Immediate Financial Aid In The USA

How can you find a source for cash right away and cater to this emergency financial need in the shortest possible time? There are many sources of cash that you can consider, wherein money is lent to you and a certain amount of interest plus principle has to be paid.

Here is a look at top ten sources of immediate financial assistance:

  • Friends and Relatives – People close to you are the best source of assistance for urgent funding, financial help for single mothers, college students etc during an emergency situation, even to study a course or setup a business. If you feel there are people whom you can approach, do so right away and have a repayment schedule that is short so that you pay back what is owed soon.
  • Cash Loan – Those who are employed can very easily apply for cash loans, in which they get a small cash amount credited to their account quickly. Repayment schedule is short and loan deductions are done automatically to the salary account. Today, you can get cash loan in an hour or so, even if you don’t show collateral or various documents.
  • Selling Assets – If there are any assets that you can quickly sell off for cash, put them up for sale in a site where they will catch attention right away. By selling such assets, you will be able to get cash even in a day or so or even after a couple of hours of putting up the posting.
  • Peer to Peer Lending – They are a great source of immediate funds. Here the funding is not done by banks but by companies like Prosper and Lending Club. What they do is connect people in need of a loan to individuals who can provide them. Repayment has to be done on a monthly basis with interests that are much lower than what is seen with banks and credit lenders.
  • Credit Unions – Today they are a very popular alternative to getting immediate funding to banks. Their loans have a very low interest rates and repayment can be done slowly. They offer a personal touch, are located in your personal community and
  • Cash Advance From Credit Card – Usually credit cards carry with them a cash amount that can be taken by the card holder during emergency needs. Check your card to find out if this is available and withdraw the amount needed through ATM. Repayment can be done in a couple of months.
  • Personal Loan – Both self employed and salaried professionals will find themselves being offered loans from time to time by banks and various financial institutions. Look into such options and apply for one online itself so that it can be dispersed to your account in a couple of hours.
  • Government Grants : There are many government grants also available like( help paying bills for single mothers , government loans for debt, government grants for single mothers etc) which is given to single mothers or poor class people to provide help. You do not have to repay to the government.
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