African American Scholarships

African American Scholarships

Someone asked that I am looking for an agricultural economics or agri business masters scholarship African American. I am going to list all available scholarships for Agriculture Economics and Agri Business to pursue master degree.

There are many scholarships available by US State and Local level from The US Department of State and Postdoctoral Research Program. The following listed scholarships which will help college students to pursue their master courses in Agriculture, they will be getting financial aid and Agriculture scholarships. Number of colleges and universities are available to provide agriculture scholarships to all over the worldwide students. International students can also apply for the agriculture scholarships.

Scholarships for African American Women

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program by The US Department of State

For Azerbaijani Students, Azerbaijan Citizens are eligible to apply for this Fulbright visiting scholar program.

About Fulbright Visiting Scholarship Program

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program is a non-degree, post-doctoral grant system for junior and senior researchers, university lecturers and professionals from academic organizations who desire to perform post-doctoral research, lecture, or engage in combined lecturing and analysis in the United States. It offers african american scholarships for high school seniors to roughly 850 foreign scholars from over 100 countries to perform post-doctoral research at U.S. organizations from an academic semester (4 months) to a full academic year (9 months).

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IMMANA Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Applicants

Scholarships Provider: UK Department for International Development (DFID), UK Government

How to Apply Online

About IMMANA Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowships on Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA Fellowships) aim to create a cadre of emerging leaders in agriculture, nutrition, and health research.

NRF-TWAS Doctoral/Renaissance Doctoral Fellowships in South Africa, 2016

Scholarship Provider: National Research Foundation (NRF) and Department of Science and Technology (DST), South Africa and TWAS

Scholarship Open for International Students

These doctoral fellowships are available for the nationals of developing country or Africa (other than South Africa): Dominica, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Montenegro, Uruguay, Ecuador, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Arab Rep., Mozambique, Vanuatu, El Salvador Myanmar, Venezuela, Eritrea , Namibia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Nepal, Western Samoa, Fiji, Nicaragua, Yemen, Rep.

Gabon, Niger, Zambia, Gambia, The, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Georgia, Oman, Ghana and Pakistan. , Iran, Islamic Rep., Samoa, Bahamas, Iraq, Sao Tome and Principe, Bahrain, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Jordan, Senegal, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Belize, Kenya, Seychelles (Transitional), Benin, Kiribati, Sierra Leone, Bhutan, Korea, Dem Rep., Madagascar, Tajikistan, Central African Republic, Malawi, Tanzania, Chad, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, Maldives, Timor-Leste, China, Mali, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Marshall Islands, Togo, Comoros, Madagascar, Tonga, Congo, Dem. Rep, Mauritania, Tunisia, Congo, Rep.

Mauritius, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mayotte, Turkmenistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Mexico, Tuvalu, Cuba, Micronesia, Fed. Sts., Uganda, Djibouti, Moldova, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Bolivia, Kosovo, Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kuwait, South Sudan, Brunei, Kyrgyz Republic, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Lebanon, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Bulgaria, Lesotho, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Suriname, Burundi, Libya, Swaziland, Cabo Verde, Macedonia, FYR, Syrian Arab Republic, Cambodia, Macau, Taiwan, China, Cameroon,Guatemala, Palau, Albania, Guinea, Palestine, State of, Algeria, Guinea-Bisau, Papua New Guinea, Angola, Guyana, Paraguay, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti, Peru, Argentina, Honduras, Philippines, Armenia, Hong Kong, SAR, Qatar, Aruba, India, Romania, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Rwanda, Bangladesh

Online Application

About TWAS

TWAS-NRF Doctoral Fellowships are tenable at research institutions in South Africa for a maximum period of three years. They are granted to scientists from developing countries (other than South Africa) to allow them to engage in PhD analysis in the organic sciences.

About TWAS

African American Scholarships
African American Scholarships

Hope Grant for Single Mothers in Need of Assistance

Higher Education Scholarships for Outstanding Pupils

The Hope Scholarships(Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally), have been provided to exceptional students founded in 1993, is providing merit based grants for higher education administered by Georgia Student Finance Commission(GSFC).

Awarded amount yet : #3 billion to 900,000 Georgia students.

Single Mother also can apply for this Scholarships. This program is fully based on your merit.

There is a Hope grant in Georgia for Single mothers for the African-American , you can see the Hope Scholarship. In Hope Scholarship, they provide generally $900 per semester for part time students and $18,00 for full time students according to last year records, this years they again launched a program of Hope Scholarships for Single mothers in which they provide assistance to poor single moms in their areas. Whatever single mothers need, they help them.

Purpose of the Hope Grant in African American Scholarships

The purpose of the Hope Grant is to provide assistance to single mothers to bare their daily expenses, house rents, day care, medical needs and taking care of their children also. They provide factual assistance under you will receive grants for bills, fooding, house hold expenses etc.

How much grant under the Hope Grant

Under this Hope grant, you will find $500 grant for yourself. According to market watch, there are 13.7 million single parents are living in the U.S. and 40% of them are in poverty line.

Who can apply for Hope Grant

There are some eligibility criteria for getting this grant, you must be the citizen of the United States and minimum age is 18 years old.

Educational Requirements

Graduate from HOPE-eligible high school with 3.0(GPA). See full Eligibility


How do I apply for the Hope scholarship?

To apply in public colleges, universities and technical colleges, a FAFSA form must be filled by the candidate using their GAcollege411 account. Go to your college financial aid department and ask for application.

For Private college, you have to go through and must complete HOPE/TEG application for checking your eligibility and verification.

Government Assistance Programs for Single Mothers ghana

In Africa, there are many Single mothers who require grants and scholarships but due to lack of information, they can not apply for same. There is a large list of single mothers who have been living without their husbands.

The database shows that only 30% of the single mothers who have been staying with their partners. What they can do after the separation from their partners. I would like to tell you that you can go to your college to further your education first where you can get some part time jobs or any jobs in your college, so that you could be able to find you’re earning and can live your life enjoy fully.

There are many such scholarships which can help single mothers in their life like

Nigerian Women Association of Georgia Scholarship

These scholarships have been provided by the Association of the Nigerian Women. A grant and scholarships have been provided to make their good lives.

African Women Public Service Fellowship by Oprah Winfrey Foundation

Norman E. Bourlaug International Science and Technology Ghana

AAI(Adoption Advocated International) Ghana – Humanitarian Efforts

AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program

Hallie Q. Brown Scholarships

Scholarships resources from NAACP

The Sister Thea Bowman Foundation

The United Negro College Fund

Federal Government, Department of Education

Single Mothers’s Association of Ghana

There are many such foundation and charities available in the Africa, which can help you out. If you are single mothers and facing any kind of problem, just contact upper listed foundations, firstly search more about those foundations and apply.

Grants and Scholarships for Black Single Mothers in African American Scholarships

Before some years there were big financial and economic crisis happened in US. People of US faced lots of problem. They are all fedup, unemployed. People are in debt. For the same of the poors, The US Government has taken action on it very soon and start giving scholarships for mothers and all Black people also.

There are many such African American scholarships mothers or women who have been living alone in their house and facing financial problem. Black women also facing problem in their community. They got problem in the lack of information. For their information I will tell you, The US Government provide Single mother Grants for Black Women. Along with the US Government, there are many such private foundation and organization which offer the Scholarships and Charity for Single Black Mothers.

The US Government offers scholarships and grants upto $10,000 annually for Single Mothers who need to go to School and College back and further their education.

I will tell you one thing, when you grow your education and earn more money for your family and improve your living standard for your family and kids.

African American Scholarships for high school seniors

You can find Government Organization for African American scholarships and various private organization like The Sister Thea Bowman Foundation, The United Negro College Fund, The US Government etc. Government run program for Black Single mothers and can get scholarships,you need to apply online by consulting US department of Education.

I am proud to know about Raise the Nation which is working for Black Single Mothers.

Some of the Good Government and private organization listed follow

The Government
The Sister Thea Bowman Foundation
The United Negro College Fund
FastWEB Scholarship Search
Ron Brown Scholarships
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships
Intel Science Talent Search
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund etc

There are many such organizations available.

Michelle obama charities for women with medical needs 

Michelle Obama charities for women

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama has made easy for women to get Government African American scholarships and grants. Michelle Obama is wife of the President Obama. She is first African-American First Lady of the United States. By profession, she is a lawyer.

She has earn name and fame regarding social fame. Lot of social activity she has done.

In 2011 Michelle Obama has started iniiative to help the poor health people and provide healthy food to them and given $10 million to road side poors. It is one of the big initiative by her.

I will tell you one thing about Michelle Obama, she became first lady who used to work at the medical centre and became the Vice President there and provide help and medical grants to poor people.

Total $6 million grant has been provided to Chicago Hospital by The Federal Government, there is a tied-up between President Obama and Chicago hospital. The Hospital used to provide Google Health initiative through the President help i.e. Affordable care act to single mothers and other urbans. She has announced a new fund $50 million to SIF(Social Innovation Fund).

Overall, she helped a lot and have done great work towards single mothers, poors, urbans.

Thanks Michelle Obama for wonderful work towards social.

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