American Indian Endowed Scholarship

American Indian Endowed Scholarship

There is a community called American-Indian community, If someone from same community and need of financial aid to pursue their graduation and undergraduate program, they can apply for the American Indian Endowed Scholarships in Washington. Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) is providing financial aid called “American Indian Endowed Scholarship Fund” for American Indian community who has permanent resident in Washington. Someone who are doing full-time program in Washington can avail this grants from $500 to $2,000.

Grants Amount : $500 to $2000
No of Grants    : 15

American Indian Endowed Scholarship
American Indian Endowed Scholarship


1. You must be a resident of Washington State
2. Grant Proposal submitted with FAFSA
3. Full Time Program, graduate or Undergraduate

Apply for American Indian Endowed Scholarship

You have to download American Indian Endowed Scholarship Application Form and after filling it, you have send email to WSAC with required documents.

Each Year Application Deadline : 1st Feb


Students should have close social and cultural ties to an American Indian tribe and/or American Indian group in Washington State. The endowment fund is composed of monies provided by the state and matched up by private donors. Contributors include people, corporations, and communities. The interest income are used each year to award scholarships and grants to financially needy, full-time learners who agree to use their education to benefit other American Indians.

The American scholarship, which varies from $500-$2,000 annually, may assist defray educational costs for up to five (5) years. Thirteen (13) students will receive the scholarship.

Further information:

  1. Must have close social and cultural ties to American Indian community within Washington State and strong commitment to return service to state’s American Indian community.
  2. Awards and amounts may vary.
  3. Applicants pursuing degree in theology not eligible.

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Official Website for American Indian Endowed Scholarship Fund :

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