College Financial Grant and Scholarships

College Financial Grant and Scholarships

I am going to share some grant and scholarships and hospitality school scholarships for college students like following:

  1. grants and scholarships from CTO Foundation in tourism/hospitalityn USA
  2. Scholarships and Grants Taxable or non taxable
  3. Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships at Kansas City Community college
  4. Millersville University of Pennsylvania Grant and Scholarships

1. Caribbean students get grants and scholarships from CTO Foundation in tourism/hospitality

The Caribbean Tourism Organization(CTO) foundation has given grant and scholarships and hospitality school scholarships to 20 Caribbean students to give better education and studies in tourism and hospitality more than US $65,000. In which US $35,000 has been awarded to candidate from Barbados, Bahamas, Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica and St. Kitts and US $29,400 to applicants from Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago at various institutions USA within and outside.

College Financial Grant and Scholarships
College Financial Grant and Scholarships

The CTO Foundation has given benefit to lot of students since founded in 1997.

About CTO Foundation

The CTO’s headquarters in Barbados and operating in various countries.


2. Taxable or non taxable Grants and Scholarships

Scholarships and grants are taxable and non taxable in some points. Grant and Scholarships that pay for tuition fees, books purchasing etc is not taxable. But when it pay for your room rent, PG, Board etc is taxable.

The IRS(Internal Revenue Services) Publication which deals with taxes of your grants and scholarships. While completing your FAFSA, its included in the AGI on the tax return.

Full Rules and Regulation of IRS

Traditional Scholarships in the United States

If you got any traditional scholarships by National Health Insurance etc, it should be non taxable. It is not included in our gross income.

3. Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships at Kansas City Community college

Kansas state University is also called k-State, this is the oldest university in the Manhattan, Kansas, United States.

I will tell you the grant opportunities in this college.

There are many grants opportunities in the United States are available for student financial assistance.

Financial Aid
ESOL Scholarships/Grants
ISO/SOL Scholarships

There are some eligibility criteria for all the grants, you have to complete the FAFSA for online application with school code.

Students who do not qualify Financial Aid, for those students, there are some ESOL grants, it is given according to merit. You have to maintain GPA of 2.5 and good academic records.

In Kansas State Unversity, if you are the member of either ISO(International Student Organization) or SOL(Student Organization of Latinos), you can apply and book and tuition scholarships here.

for more you can see

All Grants information available

4. Millersville University of Pennsylvania Grant and Scholarships

If you are going to apply grant for Millersville University, if you have to fill the FAFSA for this University.

Millersville University provide various grants and scholarship to the eligible students.

Millersville University Federal Grants

Federal Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Teach Grant

Millersville University State Grants

Millersville University Various Scholarships

* American Association of University Women
* Campus Club Scholarship

Full list of Scholarship

If you are also going to apply

Fill the FAFSA form with your University code > Search and Apply and submit the FAFSA form.

In FAFSA form you have to submit your university code.

Millersville University of Pennsylvania Federal school code 00332500.

Millersville University of Pennsylvania FAFSA School Code

Financial Aid Forms of Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Contact University

Millersville University of Pennsylvania Financial Aid Office
40 Dilworth Rd,
Pennsylvania 17551-0302
PH: 717-872-3024

Would I get any scholarship opportunity for univ. of southampton? for MSc Acoustical Engg?

Yes you can get scholarships for the same, visit the Southampton University page.

Visit for more updated College Financial Grants and Scholarships

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