Why is it necessary for the donation of free cars to low income families?

Date: January 1, 2020 Posted by: Ravi Kumar In: Single Mothers

Why is it necessary for the donation of free cars to low income families?

Low income families are the most vulnerable ones to the wear and tear of life. With extremely low wages, it becomes quite difficult for the breadwinners of the family to manage the expenses of shelter, food, transportation, education, and other crucial bills.

Donation of free cars to low income families
Donation of free cars to low income families

Free Cars To Low Income Families

Thus, if there is anything that the government or other resource-rich people can do to help this cause is by granting some donations. Free cars for charity is one such revelation in the USA, which has enhanced the way of living for many middle-income families. There are many non-profitable organizations which are responsible for this heartwarming initiative of providing a vehicle to the low-income families who are in desperate need of a vehicle.

Car donation for desperate needs

With the massive burden of whopping expenses on the shoulders, it becomes quite a daunting task for the head of the family to give appropriate privileges to the family. Thus, Car donation for low-income families is no less than a boon for such people.

In most of the cases, the car donation is eligible to those who are in desperate need of the vehicle. For instance, a widow who finds it extremely hard to manage the expenses of her children’s education would be preferred rather than a middle income family, which has more than one earning member. Also, for older people who are deprived of many privileges, Car donation becomes quite crucial.

Criteria to get a Vehicle!

Free cars for charity are available for those who are in desperate situations and must have had a strong statement on why they need the services of a vehicle. A person needs to fill a certified form with basic requirements, along with a strong reason for why they need a car.

The community and Car donation authorities judge the most genuine and heartfelt letter, and whoever receives the most number of votes, gets the privilege of the vehicle. It is crucial to provide credible information as the providers inspect the true nature of the information filled in the letter.

Eligibility Free cars for low-income families

The donated cars are extremely refined and also certified by ASE for impeccable conditions of the car. Thus, free cars for charity ensures some eligibility criteria for car donation. But to get the privilege of the car, a person needs to fulfill some legitimate criteria :

  1. He/she should have a regular job and must emphasize 30 hours of weekly services.
  2. The concerned person must access a driving license from that particular state.
  3. The person should not consume any illegal substances like drugs.
  4. He/She should not have possession of any other vehicle at home.
  5. He/she must be able to manage the expenses of the car’s maintenance.

Benefits of free charity cars for single moms

Car donation have great benefits for lower income families. The head of the family would find it hassle free to drop the children to school and pursue his/her profession. This practice would save up on transportation expenses.

Also, going to some far off places would be made more convenient. The concerned person would attend the office in extremely arduous conditions like lashing rains or even heavy fog, and this would be ideal as every day is important while earning for a low income family. Thus free cars for low-income families is an initiative that would have a massive impact on the lives of average people in need.

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