A Look At The Top Grants For Undergraduate Students

A Look At The Top  Grants For Undergraduate Students 

Students can fund their college undergraduate course by opting for federal grants. They are provided by the central government to assist students with no income in paying their college tuition fees so that they can complete their desired course of study and gain required skills to apply for attractive job positions.

Why Opt For Grants Undergraduate Students?

Grants For Undergraduate Students
Grants For Undergraduate Students

It is better to apply for grants than take up a student loan because they do not have to be repaid. Grants are provided to those students who show extreme hardship in paying for their college education.

Grants are the best means of gaining very essential funding for college fees and change the course of life completely. In order to get it, it is vital to fill the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.  This form must be filled and submitted to the college in which the applicant is going to pursue a course. Details given in it will be used by college administrators to determine the extent of financial  aid that should be provided.

What Type Of Grants Can Be Applied?

The most popular of Federal Grants is the Pell Grant, awarded to students whose family income is below $20000. It is a grant available only for undergraduate students and eligibility is determined only after checking the FAFSA score. Another important one is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program, which is provided to those students who are in dire need of tuition funding. A student can get it even if they already have got money from the Pell Grant and it is possible to earn upto $4000 while using it to pay for tuition fees.

Federal Teach Grant

Another important Federal Grant is TEACH, which can be applied by students who want to teach in elementary or secondary schools offering education to low-income families for four years. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants is available for students whose parent has served in Afghanistan or Iraq and have passed away after 2001. Yet another important grant is the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grant, which is available only for those who show an outstanding capacity in the field of Math and Science.

Students can also apply for State Grants which are offered for specific criteria such as minority applicants or those taking up special demand courses. Information on such grants can be found from Colleges, High Schools, State Based Organizations for Education and Higher Education Assistance Foundation.

Other Types Of Grants For Undergraduate

  • College grant – In addition to State Grants, every college offers its own grant for students with low income. This is awarded to those who show outstanding scholastic achievement.
  • Graduate grant – It is also possible to apply for a graduate grant which helps pay the tuition fees of a specific student opted course and also offers payment for career advancement and research positions.
  • Minority grant – There are various types of minority grants available for those who belong to a particular ethnic group and they are offered for the purpose of encouraging students from such communities to join a college and earn a degree.
  • Special criteria grant – Grants also available for students who have an unusual criteria such as belonging to military background, having survived a serious illness, has special skills etc.
  • Others – You can also find grant available for foreign students and also for women

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