High School Scholarships In Kenya

High School Scholarships In Kenya

A secondary school scholarship in Kenya is a financial award meant for the Kenyan student to continue their further education. And, this school and college scholarships for high school seniors is given to a student based on various criteria’s that generally reflects the value and purpose of the award or the donor. The amount given in the school grants for moms scholarship for seniors and juniors is not meant to be repaid.

Secondary School Scholarships in Kenya

There are different types of scholarships like:

  • Merit based
  • Need Based
  • Student Specific
  • Career Specific
  • College Specific
  • Sports Specific

Furthermore, several schools and institutes have their own set of scholarships, school grant and also high school scholarship, secondary scholarship and also various school scholarships for single moms.

Scholarships for high schools seniors In Kenya

With a population of 42.7 million, Kenya is now taking a lot of initiative to help students with their studies. The constitution of Kenya has taken that major step to help those in need, to help those who due to lack of resources have to back out from pursuing further studies.

High School Scholarships In Kenya
High School Scholarships In Kenya

Many charitable and corporate organisations have joined hands to help those in need by providing them with the needed scholarships required to continue their schooling.

For example, The Starehe Girls Centre in Kenya and Staerhe Boys Centre in Kenya offers free secondary education to needy students or peoples of Kenya. Some of the basic funds that help the poor students to continue education or schooling are :

High school scholarships in remote areas like Kenya, South Africa

  • Hilde Back Education Fund in Kenya(www.hildebackeducationfund.com)
  • Family Bank Education Scholarship Fund in Kenya(familybank.co.ke)
  • KCB Bank Group Foundation Scholarship in Kenya(kcb.co.ke)
  • Cooperative Bank Scholarship in Kenya(co-opbank.co.ke)
  • Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholarship in Kenya(jkf.co.ke)
  • Equity Bank Foundation and MasterCard Foundation Wings to Fly Scholarships in Kenya(mastercardfdn.org)

They are not only providing high school scholarship for Kenya students but are also taking that extra initiative to increase their educational rate. They also provide various other range of scholarships like:

High Schools and College Scholarships for high school seniors

  • Graduate scholarship
  • Kenya Masters Scholarship
  • PHD scholarships
  • Post Graduate scholarship
  • Kenya university scholarship

Things you must know about Kenya graduate and Post-graduate scholarship

Graduate scholarship eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum of second class upper division
  • University recognized by CHE thus admission under this criteria is a must
  • 30 years below for masters
  • 40 years below for PHD

Post Graduate High School Scholarships In Kenya:

  • Download the postgraduate scholarship application form , fill and take two copies of print out finally.
  • Make sure the form is filled accurately, stamped by relevant authorities and give all the necessary details, documents as mentioned
  • Submit one copy of Postgraduate Scholarship Application Form(PGSAF) with properly filled, signed, and stamped and also, the needed certified copies of transcripts and certificates to the office on or before the deadline mentioned.
  • Please read and understand the instructions provided regarding the online filling up of the application form.
  • How to apply for secondary school scholarship in Kenya
  • The candidate must be a Kenyan Student studying in class 8 and has been in studying in Kenya from class 1 or 2
  • Have to meet the KEF standards of Need and Merit- 290 or high
  • Fill up the 2017 application form and submit it to KEF Nairobi Office by the mentioned deadline
  • One can get the KEF application form by mail and also by visiting the office
  • Old or last year application form will not be accepted
  • Incomplete form will be rejected
  • The applicant has to fill up the form all by themselves and not by anyone else.

Financial Aid Sponsor for Secondary High School Scholarships Juniors and Seniors In Kenya

Gicheha Isaac : Please help, I need financial aid, sponsor or any well wisher to help me educate my three children in a high school. I stay in a remote area and i have no job.

There are many organizations which are providing free grants for single mothers to pay bills to school and college students. High school scholarships in Kenya.

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