I Need Financial Help Immediately

Sources Of Immediate Financial Aid In The USA To Help With An Urgent Financial Obligation

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation, wherein you need money quickly. This can be due to a sudden financial obligation, an emergency in the family or simply because you want to buy something that you have been wanting for quite some time.

I Need Financial Help Immediately

I Need Financial Help Immediately

Sources Of Immediate Financial Aid In The USA

How can you find a source for cash right away and cater to this emergency financial need in the shortest possible time? There are many sources of cash that you can consider, wherein money is lent to you and a certain amount of interest plus principle has to be paid.

Here is a look at top ten sources of immediate financial assistance:

  • Friends and Relatives – People close to you are the best source of assistance for urgent funding, financial help for single mothers, college students etc during an emergency situation, even to study a course or setup a business. If you feel there are people whom you can approach, do so right away and have a repayment schedule that is short so that you pay back what is owed soon.
  • Cash Loan – Those who are employed can very easily apply for cash loans, in which they get a small cash amount credited to their account quickly. Repayment schedule is short and loan deductions are done automatically to the salary account. Today, you can get cash loan in an hour or so, even if you don’t show collateral or various documents.
  • Selling Assets – If there are any assets that you can quickly sell off for cash, put them up for sale in a site where they will catch attention right away. By selling such assets, you will be able to get cash even in a day or so or even after a couple of hours of putting up the posting.
  • Peer to Peer Lending – They are a great source of immediate funds. Here the funding is not done by banks but by companies like Prosper and Lending Club. What they do is connect people in need of a loan to individuals who can provide them. Repayment has to be done on a monthly basis with interests that are much lower than what is seen with banks and credit lenders.
  • Credit Unions – Today they are a very popular alternative to getting immediate funding to banks. Their loans have a very low interest rates and repayment can be done slowly. They offer a personal touch, are located in your personal community and
  • Cash Advance From Credit Card – Usually credit cards carry with them a cash amount that can be taken by the card holder during emergency needs. Check your card to find out if this is available and withdraw the amount needed through ATM. Repayment can be done in a couple of months.
  • Personal Loan – Both self employed and salaried professionals will find themselves being offered loans from time to time by banks and various financial institutions. Look into such options and apply for one online itself so that it can be dispersed to your account in a couple of hours.
  • Government Grants : There are many government grants also available like( help paying bills for single mothers , government loans for debt, government grants for single mothers etc) which is given to single mothers or poor class people to provide help. You do not have to repay to the government.

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Grants For Single Moms To Buy A Car

Grants For Single Mothers To Buy A Car

Single mothers are in a difficult situation wherein they have to fend for themselves, leave alone getting a car. However, without a car, moving about getting to work and back quick enough, getting errands done or even visiting the doctor can be difficult as a lot of time will be spent in commuting.

Grants For Single Moms To Buy A Car

How can a single mother get a car, one that is cost effective and in good condition, enough for them to use it without worry for the next couple of years. They should specifically look into grants that are made available to single mothers for the purpose of buying a car.

Grants For Single Moms To Buy A Car

Grants For Single Moms To Buy A Car

Which Grants Are Available For Single Mothers To Buy A Car?

With a car that is obtained through grant money, a single mother can look after her child or children even better. No need to rely on public transport to take children to school, complete after school activities, drop off at daycare, go to work etc.

Check out the site freechartitycrs.org, which gives away cars for free to needy people. It can be used to quickly find one that is right for your needs. However, before applying for the grant, look into what is needed to be eligible to get assistance from them.

Car Loan For Single Mothers

They give donated cars throughout the country so you can access their assistance from your location in the United States. There is an application form in their site that you have to fill out and along with a compelling story on why you deserve the car so much. People will vote for your story, so when a car becomes available in your area, it is given to the person with the maximum votes.

Check out government car programs, which offer cars to single mothers who are the sole bread winners of their family. The government offers tax rebates to those who donate cars and matches them with people who need them. Many states have car programs that target single mothers only and which are designed to help them get the vehicle needed to commute to their job, multiple jobs, to school etc.

Applying For Free Grant Money to Pay For Your Car – Never Pay Back

You can also look into charity organizations that specifically offer cars for single mothers. They get it from people who are interested in giving off such donations and provide them at little or no cost to mothers who are moving from welfare to a new job so that they can commute to work easily and get a better quality of life.

Car Donation Program : How to get a free car from the government?

‘Vehicles for Change’ is a car donation program that can be checked out to find a car at very low loan interest rates. The cards offered are in good condition. This program offers many benefits that cannot be found in other donation program, enabling a single mother to get a car that is suitable for her needs in the shortest possible time.

Since its establishment in 1999, this program has offered assistance to more than 200000 families, particular those in the low to medium income group with myriads of problems.

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