Scholarship boom in UAE Universities

Scholarship boom in UAE Universities

Scholarship boom in UAE Universities

It would be a total exaggeration to say higher education in the UAE is an expensive event. But as an XPRESS survey of five universities and universities shows, that is just one side of the story.

Figures show that at least 15 to 20 % of individuals are on some way of grant with UAE universities and universities providing under-graduate and post-graduate programs with grants running into large numbers of dirhams to entice deserving and economically pushed learners to their grounds. And not just from the UAE either. Colleges are providing plenty in terms of rewards to learners from all over the world.

Scholarship boom in UAE Universities
Scholarship boom in UAE Universities

Every girl applying at Amity instantly gets a 10 % higher education tuition discount under the college’s special grant program for girls. In addition, Emiratis, friends, sports go getters and economically pushed learners benefit from some sort of grant at the school. But it gets even better for first-year under-graduates who score 93 % and more in their Quality 12 examinations as they qualify for a 100 % grant for a season.

Take Amity University, Dubai for instance. Established in Sept 2011 and situated in Educational City, this relatively new school has 125 grants for its 750 learners. Last season, the school provided away approximately Dh38 million value of grants from its grounds globally. 

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“For learners to get 100 % grant from their second season forward, they must achieve a collective gpa (CGPA) of 9 points and more in the season before begin of the new season that they have been provided 100 % higher education tuition waiverOur grants Scholarship boom in UAE Universities generally vary from 10 to 25 % of the complete higher education tuition which amounts to Dh15,000 to Dh45,000 based on the degree being followed. In remarkable circumstances of full higher education tuition grants, the complete grant amount can be as high as Dh180,000,” said Dan Adkins, the university’s Educational Home.The Emirates College for Management and Information Technology (ECMIT), situated at Al Nahda 2, has a big budget for grants as well. Besides the Ministry approved BBA course charging around Dh110,000, plans are also occurring to begin MBA courses next season. Last season, the higher education provided out a incredible Dh750,000 in grants to its learners. Anita Nanda, Manager of Acceptance and Marketing, said: At any given time, 60 % of our learners get some way of fee special discounts from us.
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A very good example is Jaweriya Naz, in her first season Bookkeeping and Finance at WINC, and on a 100 % grant from the school because she lead Quality 12 at the Native indian Public School Ras Al Khaimah.With over 400 learners registered with them, WINC provided away Dh750,000 value of Scholarship boom in UAE Universities 2014.
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