Top 5 Universities Grant and Scholarship In The World

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Top 5 Universities Grant and Scholarship

When the students passed out from senior secondary, they started finding good university all over the world. I have been in blogging for students grants and scholarships for 3 years and analyzed to write on the same topic.

I am gonna list top 25 university from where students can take admission and get grants and scholarships there.

Top 5 Universities Grant and Scholarship

Top 5 Universities Grant and Scholarship

According to 2009 Ranking

1. Harvard University, US

Harvard University is the best university in the world rated number one founded 140 years old. It has own grant and scholarship department and offers various grants to needy students.

Website information :
Financial Aid Department:

2. University of Cambridge, UK

University of Cambridge is the second rated best university in the world. It is world renowned university in the world where a very large campus in the UK. World class intellectual education has been provided by the University. It is very reputed university. It also has own section for providing financial aid.

Website :
Fiancial Aid :

3. Yale University, US

Yale University is located in United States and top 3 rated university in the world ranking. It is one of the oldest university in the world founded n 1701. It is called Ivy League research University in the US. Yale University has various financial aid option for students. You know what 57% of undergraduates who acquired need based financial aid in session 2011-12.

Website :
Financial Aid :

4. UCL (University College London)

University of London(UCL) is the fourth rated university in the world. It is a public research university located in London, UK founded in 1826. University main campus resides in Bloomsbury, Central London. More than 100 department is there.

Website :
Financial Aid :

5. Imperial College London

Imperial College is the best university in London and rated 4 in the world. It provide world class scholarship and education grant in various specialization. Total 14,000 students from all over 120 various countries.

Financial Aid :

I have given top 5 University in the world.

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