UGC also provides Academic jobs now

UGC Academic Jobs

UGC(University Grants Commission) which used to provide recognition for universities in India, well education, management of all Universities, now they launched a job portal to provide academic jobs under one roof. The job portal is In this job portal, UGC help the NET/SET/Ph.D qualified candidates to get jobs in the universities and colleges.


This UGC Academic Jobs portal has an option to post jobs for such candidates. The Universities, colleges, research companies etc who want to hire such qualified people, they can get easily in this portal. Even, all NET/SET/Ph.D qualified people can register their profile in this portal out of cost.

This portal will help both the employer and candidates. This is the very good steps taken by the UGC. They are helping such candidates. They do not have to go anywhere. They should have internet connection and have to login into this Job portal.

All universities and colleges will post their jobs here and all interested candidates will just contact them according to their qualifications. Universities and Colleges can contact the candidates directly by searching the candidates.

Why the NEED of such portal named UGC Academic Jobs

There are many such cases available, where people gets qualified NET/SET/Ph.D but unable to find good jobs for them. The University Grants Commission has taken such a great steps for them, so that they could get jobs after completion of such education.

Options for the Candidates

Create/Update Profile
Search Jobs

Options for the Employer

Post Job
Search Candidates

Visit UGC Job Portal

Note: This UGC Academic Jobs portal does not charge anything from anyone, it is absolutely out of cost.

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