UK Maintenance grants available

UK Maintenance grants available

Maintenance grants is available in England, UK. you can get it or may be eligible for special support grant. The students who are having own resident and full time college students who will be eligible for this grant. The college financial aid department has own department to give Maintenance Grants.

Financial help for single mother buying a home

Basically this grant is dependent on your family and home income, it is vary according to your country.

Anglia Ruskin University Maintenance Grant

When I was researching on the Maintenance grant in UK, I found a university named Anglia Ruskin University which used to provide you Maintenance grant and some special support grant which you do not need to return back, it can reduce your debt loan and easily complete your college course. You can calculate your mortgage help single mothers according to your house hold income in the university official website.

UK Maintenance grants
UK Maintenance grants

Calculate your grant money and loan

If somebody study at this University and reside outside, they can get grant and loans according to their household income, have a look

Mortgage help single mothers

If you are having your household income £25,000 or less, you can get £3,875 as a maintenance loan and £3,250 as maintenance grant, then total amount you will get £7,125.

Full Details about financial help for single mother buying a home

If you are a single parent, both husband and wife are student, and any disabilities case, you will be eligible for special support grant.

Apply for Special Support Grant

You can more find out about the Maintenance Grant on

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