Undergraduate & High School Scholarships For International Students In USA

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USA has been a popular destination for higher education since times immemorial. Families often choose to send their children to USA due to its highly advanced educational facilities. Every year students from different countries migrate to USA to pursue multiple courses.

Undergraduate & High School Scholarships For International Students In USA
Undergraduate & High School Scholarships For International Students In USA

However, studying in USA is not at all feasible for students coming from lower and middle-income groups. The colleges are very expensive, and so is the accommodation. Over the years, only high-income groups have been able to send their children abroad. For middle-income groups to do so, they would have to invest a lifetime worth of their savings.

However, times have changed today. Several schemes for undergraduate scholarships for international student in USA have made it possible for children from different social strata to study in different colleges in USA.

Undergraduate scholarships for international students in USA provide full financial maintenance, including food, lodging, and travel during the full study period.

Why is USA a popular choice for higher education?

Listed below are a few reasons why USA is such a popular destination for pursing undergraduate courses:

  • Academic institutions in USA allow for invaluable personal, professional, and academic growth. USA has some of the most reputed universities and colleges.
  • The range of subjects offered by colleges in United States is huge. Moreover, students are not required to choose their major immediately. They can also opt for double major. This widens the scope of their knowledge and their potential of choosing judiciously.
  • Emphasis is placed on practical application and research.
  • Once you enter the job market, having a degree from USA will give you an edge over all your competitors. Degrees from USA are highly coveted and the skills colleges in USA teach you will definitely be of massive help.

An informative guide about undergraduate scholarships for international students in USA.

  • Before you leave your country, it is important to plan your whole US education. Undergraduate scholarships for international students in USA allow you certain leverage. However, getting these scholarships is not easy. Some of these scholarships are fully funded whereas most are partially funded.  Some of the scholarships are government funded whereas some others are funded by universities. All of them are highly competitive and students are required to crack competitive examinations such as TOEFL, SAT, or ACT.
  • Scholarships are either based on merit or based on need. Merit based scholarships is given on the basis of special skills, abilities, academic records, athletic ability, or artistic ability.
  • Need based scholarships are offered on the basis of financial position. However, even for these, the student has to be extremely talented with a good academic background.
  • There are country based scholarships available as well for students from developing countries. Universities and colleges in USA also offer them fellowship grants.

Proper research is essential for you to figure out what kind of undergraduate scholarships for international students in USA are being offered. Different universities have different criteria. There are also many scholarships available for students wishing to study in particular states. Thus, a proper research is imperative keeping in mind all your requirements.

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